Back home after a visit to a specialist, it is difficult to remember what the doctor has said and how treatment will go smoothly. Even more difficult is this to tell family and friends.

Humanvisual delivers visuals (preprinted notepads) with images of body parts and organs. The specialist can, while this explanation, notes and make notes on this visual. Specialists have to use and research indicated that this tool is very welcome in their daily practice.

At home, the patient's story of the specialist 'by the visual' better recall and retelling. The specialist has explained in a shorter time and the patient will feel a more relaxed now that he / she knows what he / she is wrong and how any treatment will go smoothly.

The visuals are free and distributed under the relevant specialists are also available free on this site.


   Useful tool for many professionals
   Time savings for a consultation
   communicates effectively and works enlightening in patients
   Image of notes can be given
•   There may be a home study better retelling


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