is a gland just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. It is like an apple where the core is drilled. The prostate is about as big as a walnut or chestnut and is part of the male reproductive system.

the function of the prostate is the transport of sperm. At ejaculation, the sperm cells in the prostatic fluid out. The prostatic fluid keeps the sperm alive on the journey to the outside and inside the vagina. The function of the prostate lies in the fertility and not sexuality. The prostate has the remarkable property that it does grow from puberty. This growth of the prostate is regulated by hormones. Hormones also regulate the formation of prostatic fluid and sperm production. Usually the growth of the prostate around the 50th year of life problems.

is the name for the male gonad of organisms. Here is the male hormone testosterone produced and the sperm or gametes created. The countries then sperm in the epididymis.



Man Gay sapiens or a bipedal primate species in the family Hominidae. Research suggests that modern humans about 200,000 years ago in Africa emerged as a species. Humans have highly developed brains, which he is capable of abstract thinking, language, introspection, problem solving and emotion. Thanks to his intelligence and upright posture, allowing the arms to be free to pick up objects and manipulate, the man much more than other species able to use tools.