there are six eye muscles to the eye to the left, right, up and down can rotate, and also in two-way more or less about the optical axis to rotate.

on the outside covered with skin on the inside with conjunctiva, in the upper eyelid is a sturdy piece of protective tissue sheet, the tarsal plate. On the lid margin and eyelashes are small sebaceous glands; conjuctiva in the lacrimal glands are also present.

in the inner corner of the eye is located at the upper and lower eyelid the tear point which excess moisture inside the nose to discharge through the tear ducts.


Man Gay sapiens or a bipedal primate species in the family Hominidae. Research suggests that modern humans about 200,000 years ago in Africa emerged as a species. Humans have highly developed brains, which he is capable of abstract thinking, language, introspection, problem solving and emotion. Thanks to his intelligence and upright posture, allowing the arms to be free to pick up objects and manipulate, the man much more than other species able to use tools.