consists of three erectile: two at both sides at the top and one at the underside of the penis. This third is larger than the first two, and cone-shaped. It is at the front of the penis glans the highly sensitive. At the base of the glans there are glands that produce sebum. The glans is protected by the foreskin a loose flap of skin that can slide back while the glans Fri explains. The glans with the foreskin is connected by the toompje (frenulum). This is usually the most sensitive spot of the penis.

runs through the center of the lower swelling and comes out on top of the glans. The urethra is the passage of both urine and semen.

Located between the legs, penis and anus. The testes hang crooked for many men, in order to ensure that they are not pinched between the legs.

in the testes, it is necessary that the testes in the correct temperature may be kept, that is a few degrees below body temperature. This is controlled by the cremaster muscle so that the contents of the scrotum, depending on the ambient temperature, closer to or farther away from the body moves so that the temperature resp. higher or lower.


Man Gay sapiens or a bipedal primate species in the family Hominidae. Research suggests that modern humans about 200,000 years ago in Africa emerged as a species. Humans have highly developed brains, which he is capable of abstract thinking, language, introspection, problem solving and emotion. Thanks to his intelligence and upright posture, allowing the arms to be free to pick up objects and manipulate, the man much more than other species able to use tools.